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verifHy - the database on hydrogen

Comprehensive information on the H2 readiness of gas grid components

verifHy is the central platform for quickly and conveniently checking the hydrogen suitability of your gas grids and thus the products, components and materials used. Reliable information on H2 readiness can be called up at the touch of a button. It is one of the most important technical tools for laying the foundations for the future conversion of natural gas grids to climate-friendly hydrogen in an efficient and resource-saving manner.
Check the H2 readiness of your gas grid
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Smart database supports the switch to hydrogen

CO2-neutral, gaseous energy sources will make a significant and indispensable contribution to a cross-sectoral energy transition in our future energy system. The use of climate-friendly hydrogen in particular has enormous CO2 reduction potential. The well-developed gas infrastructure offers the necessary flexibility to absorb and store large quantities of hydrogen and supply consumers with climate-friendly energy.

verifHy supports gas grid operators in checking the suitability of their infrastructures for hydrogen. The database offers a unique collection of data and thus becomes the central accelerator for the H2 grid conversion.

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