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Advantages of verifHy

Support for H2 grid transformation

verifHy is a comprehensive knowledge database that can be used by all grid operators in the DACH region. It is the key tool for realising the objectives formulated in the Gas Grid Transformation Plan (GTP) in terms of content, quality and time. Grid operators are faced with the task of evaluating their infrastructures - including not only the pipelines themselves, but also the systems - with regard to their suitability for hydrogen. verifHy supports them in this comprehensive task and enables efficient and resource-saving implementation.


Cost efficiency thanks to bundled knowledge

The automated storage and evaluation of data using verifHy facilitates the assessment of gas grids. On this basis, decisions can be made that lead to a later reallocation towards a hydrogen capability of the gas grids. The more accurate the assessment is, the more targeted and cost-optimised the necessary conversions can be. This means that each individual grid operator does not have to painstakingly and incompletely gather information, but can call up this knowledge at the touch of a button and even apply it to their specific grid.


Forward-looking asset planning

The high-quality, automated assessment not only saves a great deal of time, but also allows you to identify precisely the assets that actually need to be addressed. This enables grid operators to organise their asset planning very cleanly in the medium term. This work can then also be embedded in normal target grid planning processes - i.e. grid expansion - as a simple aspect or as a new additional work step.


Product overview for future grid planning

For manufacturers of products in the gas grid, verifHy acts as a kind of showcase for their capabilities and offers them the opportunity to centralise their products in the database. In addition to assessing the existing gas grid, verifHy is also an important tool for future hydrogen grid planning.


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