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Frequently Asked Questions

On this page we´re trying to answer frequently asked questions related to the DVGW verifHy Hydrogen ready Database and their usage, licensing and so on.

The DVGW verifHy Hydrogen ready Database contains information on the hydrogen suitability of products, components and materials. This information is assigned to different "ratings" depending on the type of source/reference, so an independent certificate of hydrogen suitability is of higher data quality than a self-generated manufacturer's declaration for a specific product.


The DVGW verifHy Hydrogen READY Database is licensed exclusively to grid operators. The initial licensing runs for 3 years, followed by annual licensing.


The price model is structured progressively in 7 levels and is based on the revenue from grid charges analogous to the mechanisms for calculating DVGW membership fees. To receive a concrete offer, please contact us via the contact form.


verifHy Licence fees


Revenue from grid charges in T€

Licence fees
Year 1

Licence fees
Year 2

Licence fees
Year 3

1bis 1.000€ 1.483,33€ 2.966,67€ 4.450,-
2> 1.000 bis 3.000€ 2.693,33€ 5.386,67€ 8.080,-
3> 3.000 bis 5.000€ 4.183,33€ 8.366,67€ 12.550,-
4> 5.000 bis 10.0000€ 4.956,67€ 9.913,33€ 14.870,-
5> 10.000 bis 30.000€ 6.780,-€ 13.560,-€ 20.340,-
6> 30.000 bis 100.000€ 10.080,-€ 20.160,-€ 30.240,-
7> 30.000 bis 100.000€ 14.863,33€ 29.726,67€ 44.590,-

In order for you as a manufacturer to be able to enter your products into the DVGW verifHy Hydrogen READY Database, you need access. Please use the form on the login page (then "register new company") to contact us.


In the DVGW verifHy Hydrogen READY Database, you can submit "change proposals". These are then checked by our "Quality Gate". After approval by the Quality Gate, the change is visible to all other users. This multi-level approach is intended to ensure the best possible data quality.


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